Girls Division B

When we have solid attendance there will be two parallels games each hour. There will be a 5/6 game and jr high game. All the teams will be under the leadership of Coach Smith and Coach Stocksick, If attendance on game day is light, we will blend these coaches’ groups into two large teams and play full court.

Coach Smith/Castro

Isabelle Cline
EVA dauenhauer
Layla Elderkin
Kiera Gallagher
Aaliyah Hodges
Susan Kirchhoff
Jessica Long
Isabella Niebla
Cami Pina
Jessica Poonia
Isabella Rios
Ashlyn Wilson

Coach Stocksick and Valdez
Jaci Bolton
Riley Correia
Gabriella Dominguez
Jasmina Fisher
Ema Garcia
Emma Ghione
Hailey Gomez
Julia Guerra
Seleste Knappe
Grace Lennon
Maya Medina
Elizabeth Miller
Emma Robertson
Trinity Stocksick
Alexis Valdez