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How are the different divisons decided?
We basically divide the players by “grade level” but reserve the right to move a player to a younger or older age group. Occasionally we combined grade levels in periods of low enrollment. Division D: Grades 1 & 2 with the exceptional kindergarten age player. Division C: Grades 3 & 4; Division B Grades 5 & 6 ; Division A Grades 7 & 8 and occasional high school age player.

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  • mail: 2485 Huston Court Morgan Hill, Ca 95037-3930
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  •   SCBA Events & General Topics SCBA is broken down into 4 Sessions (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer camp). Each Session starts and ends the same way as follows:
  • First Week: Check in the boys locker room near the big gym on Keystone avenue. A parent/guardian must sign in to verify the registration information. If a new basketball jersey has been purchased, the player will pick it up next door in the girls locker  room.
    Basketball Skills and Evaluation.  The ninety minute block of time features a skills clinic and scrimmages where important data is captured to begin the team building process. The older players work out in the gym and the younger players work out in the auditorium. Coaches are needed; please make yourself available to evaluate players
  • Team building day (second week): Players should report directly to their team building event. Parents do not have to sign in! During the Jamboree we initially send out the First draft of the teams. Then we begin a series of 4 minute games where we evaluate the skill levels of each team. You will see players moved during the scrimmages so that we make the teams as balanced as possible. This why the Jamboree is so important for 100% attendance! Team rosters are not finalized until the beginning of the third set of games.
  • Game Day: Following the Jamboree we officially begin the Session with Game 1. Each Saturday your child will have a 1 hour practice followed immediately by their game. Each game is played with a running clock of 8 minute quarters. The games are stopped in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters for mandatory substitution. You will notice that each coach has a Green sheet in their possession. This sheet determines who should be playing in the first three quarters by a numbering system. For example, if there are 8 players on the team they will be numbered 1-8. When the game begins only players 1-5 will be on the floor for the first 4 minutes. Then we stop the quarter and you will hear the coach call out numbers 6,7,8,1,2 to compete in the next 4 minute period. No stoppage of the game clock other than 2 timeouts per team per half. The 4 minute mandatory stoppage does not apply in the 4th quarter. In the main gym, at the beginning of the 4th quarter is Coaches Choice. Note: the Auditorium teams use an orange sub sheet. The Auditorium teams have mandatory four period sub rotation and does NOT offer coaches choice. Very Important: Parents can cheer but should restrain from “coaching from the sideline” or critiquing the officials. After the second set of games, the coaches have a mandatory coaches meeting to discuss and implement TEAM balancing. The league shifts as few of players possible but as many players necessary to make every team as fair as possible. It is not a perfect system however, it is rare a team goes undefeated or goes the entire session without a victory...
  • Practice Locations: All practices and games are held at Britton Middle School. Only the first games ( 9 o’clock tip off)of the day will practice indoors one hour before each game. All other times your children will locate their teams/coach outside the main gym on the blacktop, weather permitting. It is very helpful to have your children at practice 10 minutes prior to the start of practice so they get the full hour of drills and coaching prior to the game.
  • Playoffs: For the divisions playing in the big gym we offer an end of season playoffs. ALL teams in the main gym qualify for the single elimination playoffs. The playoffs are held over two weekends.
  • Number of Teams per Division: SCBA will divide into as many teams as we can manage with 8-10 players per team. We will conduct and manage a league with as few as 2 teams but no more than 10 teams.
  • Coaches: SCBA is an all volunteer Basketball Academy. We have a fine mix of experienced coaches followed by new parents and High School upper class that participate in the program. We have individuals who monitor our coaches program and offer everything from Skill Drills to complete Practice Schedules to further enhance the coachs experience while providing an enriching environment for your children. If you are interested in coaching or becoming an assistant coach, please contact Jim Green @ Click Here For a PDF of this Page To Print and have a copy of for your files.