Player Substitutions

Below is an example of the substitution rotation scheme. Each player is assigned a rotation number prior to the ball game. This number will Not change throughout the game. Approximately every four minutes the game is stopped and each team "subs". This system is used for 1st three-quarters. The fourth quarter substitution is the "coaches choice". Note: Either the #1 and #6 player is always on the floor. The coach may choose to divide his/her ball handlers or tallest players or whatever. This system will be used for all regular season and playoff games.

During the first 3 quarters the referee will stop play midway through each 8 minutes quarter. This is when we will substitue (mandatory) during the game. The fourth quarter is left to the coaches choice who he or she will play. There are no guarantees that all players will play in the fourth quarter but we encrouage our volunteer coaches to substitute often.

Six Players
1st Quarter 6 out—5 out
2nd Quarter 4 out- 3 out
3rd Quarter 2 out- 1 out
4th Quarter Coach’s Choice

Seven Players 1st Quarter 12345 - 67123
2nd Quarter 45671 - 23456
3rd Quarter 71234 - 56712
4th Quarter Coach’s Choice

Eight Players
1st Quarter 12345- 67812
2nd Quarter 34567-81234
3rd Quarter 56781- 23456
4th Quarter Coach’s Choice

Nine Players
1st Quarter 12345-67891
2nd Quarter 23456-78912
3rd Quarter 34567-89123
4th Quarter Coach’s Choice

Ten Players
1st Quarter Divide into two teams of 5
2nd Quarter Divide into two teams of 5
3rd Quarter Divide into two teams of 5
4th Quarter Coaches Choice

Note: If you have 11 or more players, the sub. sheets are printed on yellow paper, available in the SCBA office.